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TED - Training
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Training Thought

How you introduce or present a new product or service can be as important as the product or service itself...


 Expanded Resource  

At TED Services, we increase our value to you by leveraging our networked connections with many other professional service providers throughout North America. 






"To provide insight or instruction on how to combine information and technique"

 "We present products & technologies with impact,   create memorable customer experiences, teach retail engagement techniques that motivate and provide sales    & technical training, that delivers results"


A benefit of our many years of experience, is the number of related services available. Perhaps you're looking to better understand what your needs are, or you would like us to recommend an approach based on unique needs. We certainly look forward to discussing a customized solution with you and additionally you may want to consider one or more of the services listed below;

* Product and/or selling needs assessment

* Training program design/development consulting





* Sales training (Consultative, customer-focused, in-bound, outbound)

* New product /service introduction

* Large or small group facilitation

* Large venue/event presentation

* Specific technology training

* Technical training

* Train-The-Trainer programs (individual or team preparation)

* Customer service process instruction

* Product/people/process support materials (DVD, CDRom, Web,etc.)

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